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Tree Trimming Cost

In Seattle, Washington, trees play the role of ornaments on both residential and commercial properties. However, for the trees to be attractive and improve the curb appeal, they need a nice crown shape, zero dead limbs, and an overall look that complements other...

Tree Removal Costs

To remove a tree from your property in Seattle, Washington, you will need $200 to $2000. For average-sized trees, the tree removal cost starts at $400 and increases to about $1,200. The smallest trees in the city have a tree removal cost between $150 and $400.  Apart...

Tree Pruning Cost

In Seattle, Washington, professional tree pruning costs $75 – $2000 per tree. The average-sized trees have a more affordable tree pruning cost, with professionals charging $350 to $800. Homeowners with the smallest trees enjoy the lowest tree pruning cost, with...
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